Cornerpost Press is a professional, peer-reviewed book publisher specializing in poetry, short fiction (including novellas), and essays that explore the complexity and diversity of rural America, especially the Ozarks.

Our manuscript reviewers include numerous scholars, authors, and editors who are deeply involved in the field of Regional Studies. Professional designers and copy editors are contracted to enhance the quality and appearance of our productions.

Cornerpost Press will publish and promote up to three books each year. The Press will assume all costs of publishing. Royalties will be on all copies sold. 

Submission Guidelines

Since Cornerpost Press publishes only 2-3 books each year, authors must query before submitting. Contact information appears below.

We currently have four books in progress, so we will be closed to submissions until January 2023.

Mission Statement

Cornerpost Press seeks to publish and promote literary works that might be overlooked by publishers unfamiliar with the region and its authors.

To Purchase

Contact Authors                                                                                Cornerpost Press suggests that readers purchase copies directly from the authors, and our authors invite you to contact them. Please see “Author” page for contact information.

Order Directly from Cornerpost Press                                              See "Books" or "Events" page for ordering information.

Online                                                                                                                    All titles will be available at,, Barnes&Noble, and

Readings and Signs                                                                                      See scheduled reading and signings on the “Events and Releases” page, and please contact the authors concerning future events.

To Contact


Mailing Address:                                                                                        Cornerpost Press                                                                                                  214 West Maple                                                                                                    West Plains, MO 65775


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