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by James Fowler


Tentative Publication Date: November 15, 2021




As a storyteller, James Fowler knows intimately the highways and byways of the mid-South, but


he is equally acquainted with the mysterious and sometimes uncharted pathways of human


experience. In Field Trip, he serves as an able, enlightening guide, taking us along with


characters who are alternately curious, befuddled, questioning, and sometimes even noble. It’s a


meaningful journey, flavored with ample humor and fun. What more could be asked?



--C. D. Albin, author of Hard Toward Home and Axe, Fire, Mule




James Fowler is extraordinarily able to write characters who have reached an inflection point.


Whether it’s the twelve-year-old in the stolen Avalon, the promiscuous assistant at the bowling alley,


the charming but complex family facing a recession, or even the whole town of Opal Spring, Fowler


catches each at a crisis of what the future might bring. You will neverforget their dilemmas.


--Steve Yates, author of Some Kinds of Love: StoriesThe Legend of the Albino Farm: A Novel, and others.




Field Trip immerses readers into the complexly intricate modern South. In the title story, 


Raylene notes, “when you’re trailer-born-and-bred, and can’t see nothin’ but trailer to come, it


can make you do foolish things.” Raylene has moved beyond that world, and Fowler’s stories


chart similar progress in characters so real, readers feel that they know them.



Lorie Watkins, editor of A Literary History of Mississippi





















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